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Healthy Resolutions to Start the Year


When it comes to our health, we do not get new pairs of body parts every year. We can’t switch for a new heart in case it no longer works for instance.

Also, remember that our habits have a way of catching up to us. So, we should make sure to have good ones in place.

As an internal medicine doctor in Matawan, New Jersey, Vijay Patel, MD, has long advocated for preventive care as our biggest protection from chronic, lifestyle diseases.

Thus, together with his family clinic in New Jersey, here are some of the simplest health resolutions we all can do as we welcome another year:

  • Make time for preventive care visits.
    Annual physicals are some of the most useful medical care services you should take advantage of to ensure that your potential health conditions are addressed immediately before they get worse.
  • Avoid bad habits.
    Do not create problems when there were none in the first place. Do not smoke, drink moderately, and eat processed, sugary foods—your body (and savings) will thank you.
  • Be proactive about the information you receive.
    The pandemic has taught us that we need to be on top not only of our health but also of the information we receive, if we are to come out of this time in one piece.

Remember, inaccurate information can cost lives. Evidence-based sources are available for free, so make use of them.

Which health resolutions are you adopting this year? Let us know! For more like these, be sure to check back next time.

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