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Prevent Back Pain Problems from Becoming Severe


Vijay Patel, MD, an internal medicine doctor in Matawan, New Jersey, provides care for musculoskeletal problems, such as arthritis, back pain, and other muscle problems. Our clinic can provide this service at home or in the office, allowing you to get comfort and soothing care whenever and wherever you need it.

Protecting your lower back entails taking steps to avoid direct injury, mitigate indirect trauma, and regulate the progression of an existing problem.

As such, here are some tips to prevent severe back pain:

  • Make your core muscles stronger
    If exercise appears tough or unattainable, start small, such as going up and down your stairs three times in a row or walking in a park with a buddy.
  • Practice proper lifting techniques
    Spine Health suggests bending at the knees, not the lower back. Instead of turning your lower back, pivot your feet and hips. Lastly, straighten your spine while holding the object near to your chest.
  • Maintain proper posture
    Correcting your posture, whether sitting, standing, walking, or running, promotes back health and vitality.
  • Purchase an ergonomic chair
    You can use this at work or home. Slouching forward puts pressure on the discs in your lower back, which can lead to problems, including disc degeneration.
  • Take a rest
    You can avail our massage therapy to relax and keep your body in good shape. Massage therapy helps with back pain, sprains, muscle strains, and postural issues are all treated. It also aids in the recovery of conditions such as stroke and spinal cord injury, as well as improving the health of patients suffering from respiratory problems. That is why it is also a preferred type of treatment in the medical care field.

Visit our family clinic in New Jersey for more health information.

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