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Responding to Sudden Allergies

When one has allergies, you expect that person to have them since childhood. You can’t get allergies once you’re an adult. You don’t just get allergies, do you?

The answer is yes, you get allergies, especially as an adult. Developing allergies are not limited to childhood, nor will reacting to allergens. Medical care providers will inform you of that. It happens because your immunity changes and your lifestyle as you grow may have created a culture within you where you’ll be much more susceptible to having allergies. And this applies to all kinds of allergies, from dust to foods like eggs and others.

Here’s some advice from Vijay Patel, MD, your go-to internal medicine doctor in Matawan, New Jersey, on what you should do if you have sudden allergies:

  • If you can identify the cause of the allergy, remove yourself from that environment or keep the item away from you. In this way, your allergic reaction will not worsen.
  • Take allergy medicine. Drink antihistamines or apply corticosteroid cream for skin rashes. These two will often treat minor allergic reactions.
  • Call a medical expert or rush them to a hospital when you see that their reaction to allergies includes breathing and swallowing difficulty, swelling in any part of the body, vomiting, and dizziness. Especially when they cannot drink an allergy medicine or the medicine has not responded to the allergy well.

Respond and learn more about your sudden skin allergy by visiting our family clinic in New Jersey for a check-up.

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