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Risk Factors of Obesity You Should Know About


Obesity can come on gradually if you intake more than you burn. Developing obesity is caused by a variety of risk factors. Here are some of the common ones.

  • An Unhealthy Diet
    Weight gain results from a diet loaded with calories, deficient nutrition, and excessive servings. If you’re looking to adjust your diet, consult the nearest family clinic in New Jersey.
  • Genetics
    Some individuals tend to be bulkier. Compared to individuals who are overweight, individuals who are obese may be more affected by their genes than we think. Implementing positive lifestyle adjustments can help reduce the risk of obesity in persons who are genetically predisposed to it.
  • Lack of Physical Activity
    If you lead an inactive lifestyle, consuming more calories every day is easier than burning off. Medical care stresses the importance of regular exercise, regardless of the condition. Be sure to stay active even if your lifestyle doesn’t involve a lot of physical activity.
  • High-Stress Levels
    Stress, short or long-term, can alter the brain and cause your body to produce chemicals that regulate appetite, stress levels, and the like. An example would be cortisol, which is the stress hormone. These hormonal fluctuations might cause you to overeat and accumulate fat.

You may not be capable of controlling all the risk factors you’re exposed to. However, understanding your risk can aid you in making efforts to achieve a healthy weight and minimize your risk of other health issues.

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