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The Power of Healthy Sleeping Habits


There are many ways to maintain your overall health, and one of the best ways is by nurturing healthy sleeping habits. Getting enough sleep at night seems like a simple thing, yet many a family clinic in New Jersey have to deal with patients suffering from a lack of sleep. This is an even bigger problem among older adults.

Sleep deprivation can cause various emotional, mental, and physical health problems. It can cause anxiety, depression, and moodiness. It can increase the likelihood of making poor decisions and can cause memory problems too. Sleeplessness can also result in poor health and susceptibility to chronic illnesses.

Vijay Patel, MD, a leading internal medicine doctor in Matawan, New Jersey, recommends reducing factors that lead to sleep deprivation. For example, lessening cafe intake in the afternoons and evenings can result in better sleep at night. Regular exercising can help boost your mood and improve your sleep at the same time. Read this guide on how you can make better life choices to improve your sleep.

A regular adult needs around 8 hours of sleep at night. However, some persons suffering from sleep disorders may require professional medical attention. These conditions include chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, narcolepsy, and sleep apnea. If you seek professional medical care to improve your sleep, call us today at 732-709-8200.

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