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The Candor Signature Facial

Our Candor Signature Facial was designed to give you the ultimate experience and unparalleled benefits such as improving the way your skin looks and feels.

Our signature facial offers:

  • Diamond microdermabrasion to resurface your skin
  • Ultrasonic vibrations to stimulate collagen regeneration and skin firmness
  • High frequency to increase glandular activity and kill bacteria and any possible infection
  • Intensive aftercare hydrojelly mask
  • State-of-the-art oxygen infusion treatment and your choice of a detox, lavender, brightening or collagen activator used during treatment.

The Maskne Facial

Our Maskne facial focuses on treating acne and troubled skin. This facial offers:

  • Skin scrubber treatment that we perform while the face is steaming
  • Facial brush treatment which is less abrasive than diamond microdermabrasion for those individuals with sensitive skin
  • High frequency to increase glandular activity and kill bacteria and any possible infection
  • Spot diminishing ALA (5-Aminolovulinic acid) hydrojelly mask that penetrates the dermis to kill the bacteria (P. acnes) that causes breakouts
  • State-of-the-art detox oxygen infusion treatment.

The Anti-Aging Facial

Our Anti-Aging Facial concentrates on treating thin skin by stimulating collagen and cell oxygenation.

This facial offers:

  • Deep cleansing of the skin’s pores using either a vacuum or diamond microdermabrasion (your skincare specialist will evaluate your skin and decide what will work best for you)
  • Galvanic current that contains negative ions while treatment solutions contain positive ions to help facilitate deeper product penetration
  • Microcurrent treatment that is like a workout for your face. This treatment stimulates facial muscles to encourage the muscles to look more defined and helps with the growth of ATP.
  • State-of-the-art collagen oxygen infusion treatment which accelerates healing and allows the skin to replenish and restore itself while also stimulating the production of collagen.