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The Ultimate Metamorphosis Package

As more patients turn to non-invasive technologies to improve their appearance it is no surprise that fat reduction and body contouring have emerged as the next frontier in aesthetic medicine. With the addition of BTL Vanquish ME, we now can offer an effective ‘waist whittler’ using the latest approach for reducing stubborn belly fat and love handles without surgery or downtime. While other systems use a point source of energy, Dr. Patel explains that BTL Vanquish ME created a high-frequency energy field and employs a panel array to treat the entire core in one application. Providing a clinically proven and safe treatment option without touching the patient’s skin, the breakthrough BTL Vanquish ME surpasses earlier treatment options that require uncomfortable suction or labor-intensive applications. FDA-cleared for circumferential reduction of the waist and thighs, BTL Vanquish ME destroys resistant fat cells to achieve a beautifully contoured abdomen and trim waistline – minus the muffin tops or love handles.

We strive to bring out patients the most advanced aesthetic technologies that meet their expectations not only for a natural looking result but also a favorable experience. For these reasons, BTL Vanquish ME is an excellent option for women and men who lead a healthy lifestyle but find they can’t lose that extra fat or pouch around the abdomen. This treatment however, is not only for patients who already lead a healthy lifestyle. This treatment is not limited to patients with a BMI < 30. Individuals that have a BMI of 30+ are also encouraged to participate in this treatment. The best part about this treatment is that it is non-invasive with no downtime! Each session typically lasts 45 minutes and with this package you will be doing 1 treatment a week for 4 weeks. Most patients reported changes as soon as 2 to 3 weeks after the first treatment.

Infrared Sauna is something mostly everyone has heard of. At Candor Med Spa we offer this treatment in blanket form. The effects of far infrared are endless and include better sleep, relieved muscle strain, weight loss, glowing skin, refocused thoughts and so much more! This is a 50-minute treatment in which you lay inside our infrared sauna blanket and relax your mind and body. It is scientifically proven far infrared treatments are most effective when done at least 3 times a week. With our detox package we offer this treatment 3 times a week for 4 weeks. This detox package will help you achieve the results you are looking for if you maintain a healthy lifestyle and drink an adequate amount of water a day.

What is HCG? HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is usually never found in the human body except during pregnancy. One of the roles of HCG in pregnancy is to increase metabolism by allowing the fat that the pregnant woman has stored to be accessible to her during famine. In other words, the fat stores can be broken down by the HCG and used as food for her and the baby should the food supply run out while she is pregnant. This ensures a healthy full-term pregnancy. During pregnancy, HCG almost completely controls metabolic functions. In non-pregnant persons, research suggests HCG increases metabolism in a similar way. What individuals lose with HCG isn’t simply weight, but fat, a particular kind of fat. Our bodies contain three distinct types of fat, two of which we need and one of which we don’t. Of the three kinds of fat, structural fat is essential as it cushions our organs. Then we have the fat that gives us a reserve of energy, fueling the body between meals. However, the third kind of fat is not only unhealthy but also almost impossible to lose. It can be mobilized only in times of starvation and pregnancy. In women, this unhealthy fat tends to accumulate around the middle and thighs. In men, it accumulates around the belly and chest. Dr. Simeons, the doctor who discovered the role of HCG in weight loss, recognized that HCG activates the body to burn this type of fat. The HCG program entails a low-calorie diet in combination with HCG hormone treatments. During the 30 days you regularly inject a small amount of HCG into your body. HCG does not cause weight loss, rather it modifies your eating behavior and mobilizes stored fat which will help make it possible to maintain the diet. A very specific diet must be followed when partaking in this program and this is not meant to be a long-term program. This is a short-term program with immediate results. Contact us now to schedule your consultation to find out if you are a good candidate for this program.